GrandCare Wellness

GrandCare can keep track on the wellness of your loved one by using a wide variety of devices such as Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, Oximeters and many more


Wellness Package comes with one sensor and one telehealth device within the price.

Care Plan/

Care Notes

•  Personalised Care Plans

•  Care Notes Password Protected

•  Care Visit Recorded

•  Carers Accountability

•  GP, Carer & Family can access
    Care Notes

•  Records are recorded

Within the caregiving section of GrandCare, the carer logs in with their own 4-digit code, this logs the time and date, then there is a list of pre-entered tasks within the Care Plan for the family member or the carer needs to complete. As the tasks are completed they are ticked to confirm they are complete and for accountability. There is also a section called Care Notes, this is where notes can be added and circulated to the carers for that individual. There is also a reports function within Care Plan/Notes so that you can select a date range and print all the care notes if required.



•  Prompts the user to take medication

•  Displays a picture of the pill or tablet

•  Audible or Voice Alerts prompting
   “time to take medication”

•  The system outputs an Alert if
    medication has not been taken.

•  Can prompt user to take medication
    via a mobile when away from home

•  Records when medication has
    been taken




The system can help the user with medication management, with the prescription being added into the system, and linked to the daily schedule. At planned times the system will prompt the user to take their medication with the dosage and display a picture of the prescribed medication.  Rules can be assigned to the medication prompt, for example when the individual is prompted and then presses the screen to confirm that they have taken their medication, if the door sensor on the cupboard where the medication is kept has not opened within 5 minutes a message the primary carer.

Health Assessments

•  General Health

•  Heart Health

•  Diabetes

•  Lifestyle

•  Eating

•  Reports

The system has built-in health assessments, if the user has a condition such as Diabetes the system can be set to prompt the user to take an assessment which is a series of 5 multiple choice question which will determine how that person is. The results can be emailed to a family member or a health professional allowing them to check the results and intervene if necessary “early intervention, can result in prevention”. If the score from the assessment was low, then this would allow the person to check the reports on the system to see if they had been taking their medication, or eating and drinking.


Rule Based Alerts

•  Alert if parent is not back in bed 10
    minutes after a visit to the bathroom.

•  Alert at 10pm if parent is not home
    after walking the dog at night

•  Alert if parent has not taken
    medication after being prompted

•  Alert if parent is not out of bed
    by 10am

•  Alert if the temperature drops below
   18 degrees within the house

•  Alert parent to drink water if
   temperature goes above 26 degrees





The system can have simple “rules” applied for the user, we often feel guilty or worried because we have busy lives and worry about whether mum or dad have taken their medication or whether they have got back to bed safely after paying a visit at night. This is where GrandCares simple to use Rules are applied. For example, by applying a rule to an activity sensor we can be alerted if the rule is breached, our rule could be “if parent goes to the bathroom between 23:00 and 07:00 and have not returned to bed within 10 minutes send an alert.



•  Personalised Exercise Videos

•  Personalised Music Playlists

•  Relaxation Music

•  Yoga Videos

•  Personalised Videos set by

•  Training videos, carer recording how
    their client likes to be looked after.



Music is very powerful for individuals with dementia, musical favourites tap memories not lost to dementia and can bring participants back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, converse, socialise and stay present. Music can also be therapeutic and can help empower people when carrying out an exercise routine. We can link several yoga and exercise videos with music to encourage the individual to take their exercise when prompted by the system.


Telehealth Devices

•  Blood Pressure Readings

•  Weight Scales for body fat, BMI,
    muscle mass, water ratio & body

•  Oximeters for people with COPD,
    asthma, CHF

•  Thermometers for fevers, Urinary
    tract infection

•  Output low readings to family or
    health professionals

•  Early intervention, can prevent

    illnesses or hospital admissions




The system works with most telehealth devices. For example, the system can be set to prompt the individual to take their blood pressure.

The user would take the blood pressure cuff, wrap it around their arm and activate the machine, once the machine has taken the reading it alerts the user that the reading is successful, the users touches the 'accept' and the reading is stored. If the user is being monitored by the GP, the GP can set, High, Average and Low readings, to these readings a rule can be set to email or text the GP if the reading is on or below the Lowest reading. The system can be used for weight problems, urinary infections and so much more.


The Activity Monitoring Package requires certain accessories which enable the system. Please click here to view our wide range of accessories.

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The Socialisation, Activity Monitoring and Wellness systems come complete

with a 2 year Guarantee & Support Package which includes:

Return to Base Guarantee

If anything goes wrong with your system over the next 2 years as a result of faulty manufacturing or software failure, we will
replace it at no cost

Buddy Bar

The Buddy Bar service is provided by a dedicated knowledgeable team of GrandCare Technicians who are available to answer any query you may have about your GrandCare System, including advice on peripheral devices if either the System or any device has an operational problem. The Buddy Bar team can also give you advice on the best devices to accessories your system to give maximum benefits, or if you have any queries regarding system upgrades and much more.



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