"GrandCare has improved Albert's life as it a very user friendly system for someone with dementia"

How has Grandcare improved your life and your parents?

Using GrandCare has made Albert more INDEPENDENT as he uses GrandCare each day to see what date and day of the month it is rather than continually asking this information. He can use his daily schedule in GrandCare to see who he is seeing that day, what he is doing and where he is going. Albert's daily life has improved greatly using this element of the GrandCare system. He can depend on GrandCare rather than having to rely on his failing memory.

GrandCare has also been a vast improvement to his life as the system reminds him on a twice daily basis to take his medication and to do his physio exercises.  Having had GrandCare set up to include Albert's likes he can use the system to watch films or listen to music especially chosen by him.


GrandCare has improved Albert's life as it is a very user friendly system for someone with dementia.



How do you use GrandCare?

I use GrandCare to keep Albert's schedule updated with appointments and events. I especially update the notes field whenever we go out on day trips - just a little information on where we went and what we did - as a reminder to Albert to look back on if he struggles to remember when asked by other family members.


GrandCare is also a great way of contacting Albert using the VIDEO CALL feature as I find that Albert is more likely to speak to me or other family members when he can see our faces as opposed to receiving a phone call.


I can also use GrandCare to update Albert's film library or music library and keep his photo album updated with pictures from special occasions, days out etc.



 What does GrandCare do for you?

How has GrandCare helped?

GrandCare has helped Albert as he sees it as his his new friend that he can rely on for giving him daily information without having to ask, information most people without dementia take for granted, as well as benefiting him as the system has been built around his needs and likes.





How does the GrandCare system make you feel?

Are you more confident in your wellbeing?

Albert has said on more than one occasion that GrandCare has made him feel PROUD to have a system that he can use to help him with his dementia, a system he can rely upon daily, a system that takes away the need to solely rely on others. I can see, daily on a daily, that GrandCare has changed Albert since he has been using it - he is more confident, he enjoys using the system and he is always talking about it.


How has it changed your relationship with your parent?

What would you usay are the three biggest benefits of GrandCare?

1. It has made Albert more independent.

2. Albert is now thinking more for himself.

3. The Video call feature.


Would you recommend GrandCare?

As a family member and one of the main users of GrandCare I can 100% recommend the system. In the short space of time we have been using GrandCare I can see the changes it has made to Albert's life.


Is there anything else you'd like to add?

The training I received at the initial installation was excellent and I know that any issues I have, however small, will be looked at in a very timely and efficient manner.

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