Socialisation with GrandCare

GrandCare have made it easier than ever to keep in contact with loved ones. From video calling from anywhere in the world to instant messages which show on the screen. The GrandCare Socialisation Package adds to your loved one’s independence enhances their day encouraging interaction and positivity. Now that you and your loved ones are only a click away you can stop worrying and calling every day.

Video Calls

  • Per-configured video calls
  • Simply select profile picture to initiate video call
  • Voice and video call from one app
  • Free video calls bringing family and fiends together
  • No more loneliness, stay socially integrated
  • Stay connected with family and friends from across the globe

Secure Messaging

  • Preconfigured letter addresses
  • Simply select profile picture to create a letter
  • Send a receive letters, keeping family and friends together
  • Letters can be saved and archived for safe keeping
  • Instant connection to health professionals
  • Receive newsletters of activites within the community


  • Preconfigured favourite websites
  • No computer skills required
  • Websites seperated into categories
  • Safe internet browsing
  • keep connected
  • Reduced loneliness

Photos and Video

  • GrandCare seamlessly integrates Facebook photos/videos
  • Multiple Photo Albums can be stored
  • User notified when new photo content has arrived
  • Link your photograph albums with your slideshow
  • View and receive YouTube content
  • Upload photos from the app at anytime

Daily Schedules & Prompts

  • Daily Schedule with reminders
  • Monthly calendar linking to schedule
  • Audible, voice or pictorial prompts
  • Scrolling banners with day, date and time
  • Calendar can be updated by family and carers from anywhere
  • Visual display of ‘to do’ activities

Games and Music

  • Personalised music and games
  • Therapeutic benifits of music for dementia
  • Brain exercise games
  • Socailising via games
  • Music and games vary the day
  • Internet Radio

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plus no obligation demonstration in your own home

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