GrandCare Socialisation

GrandCare takes socialising very seriously, which is the reason why we have made it easier than ever to keep in contact with loved ones,

from instant video calling from anywhere in the world to instant messages that show on the screen.


The Grandcare Socialisation package adds to your loved one’s independence and enhances their day encouraging interaction and positivity.

Now that you and your loved ones are only a few clicks away, you can stop worrying and calling every day. Now you can simply video call

and see them face to face. Your loved one can also now email and video call with only a few clicks with our simple interface

Secure Messaging

 • Preconfigured Letter Addresses

 • Simply select profile picture to
    create a letter

 • Send and receive letters,

    keeping family & friends together

 • Letters can be saved and

    archived for safe keeping

 • Instant connection to health


 • Receive newsletter of activities

    within the community

The user is notified when they have received a new letter which will open on the screen for the user to read.

The user can reply via their stored contacts small profile pictures.

The user  can use the touch screen keyboard, or plug in a keyboard if preferred. The system is completely safe as anyone that has not been added to the system cannot contact the user. Keeping your relative socially integrated, so no more loneliness. Letters from the GP, District Nurse etc are all archived within the system ready to be recalled at any time.


Video Calls

 • Pre-configured Video Calls

 • Simply select profile picture to
    initiate video call

 • Voice & video call from one app

 • Free video calls bringing family
    and friends together

 • No more loneliness, stay
    socially integrated

 • Stay connected with family &
    friends from across the globe




By selecting the video call feature, the screen fills with small profile pictures of pre-programmed family, friends, volunteers, GP, District Nurse whoever the user wants to stay in touch with.

The user simply, touches the picture of the individual they want to call, the video call is initiated, connecting the users via a clear, safe, video connection allowing them to communicate with one another. Keeping your relative socially integrated with whoever…whenever….so no more loneliness.

Photos and Video

•  GrandCare seamlessly integrates
    Facebook photos/videos

•  Multiple Photo Albums can be stored

•  User notified when new photo
    content has arrived

•  Link your photograph albums
    with your slideshow

 • View and receive YouTube
    video content

 • Upload photos from the app at

An effective way for your loved one to engage with the system is to add family photograph albums and personalised YouTube content of memorable occasions. GrandCare can link to family members Facebook accounts, making it seamless for any authorised Facebook user to share their pictures or videos on the system. This makes it simple for the younger generation to keep in touch and socially integrated with elderly relatives. Personalised YouTube content can be viewed via the Video icon on the system, this could include family weddings, the weekly Church service, christening or bespoke training videos. Photos can be uploaded via the GrandCare app to the user’s system at any time.



• Preconfigured Favourite Websites

• No computer skills required

• Websites separated into categories

• Safe internet browsing

• Keep connected

• Reduced loneliness





A myriad of information which can be provided at the touch of a button from the world wide web. Whether it's favourite football team’s sites, flower arranging sites, cooking with Mary Berry, internet banking or online shopping, the user simply presses the title of their interest and GrandCare takes them straight to their web page of interest. No computer skills needed, each system is setup bespoke for the user from the initial assessment, allowing them to enjoy a wealth of knowledge with just the touch of a button.

Games and Music

• Personalised music and games

• Therapeutic benefits of Music
   for dementia

• Brain Exercise Games

• Socialising via Games

• Music & Games vary the day

• Internet Radio



Music is very powerful for individuals with dementia, music taps memories not lost to dementia and can bring participants back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, converse, socialise and stay present. GrandCare has a jukebox icon where the individual’s favourite music can be stored.

Under the Games icon, favourite games are preloaded, such as mind games like Suduko or fun games for grandchildren to enjoy so that they engage with the grandparent.


Daily Schedules
& Prompts

• Daily Schedule with reminders

• Monthly calendar linking to schedule

• Audible, voice or pictorial prompts

• Scrolling Banners with day, date
   and time

• Calendar can be updated by family
   and carers from anywhere

• Visual display of 'to do' activities



The daily schedule can alert the user to take their medication, prompt them to make a cup of tea, or take their sandwich from the fridge at lunch time. The system can also show a ‘picture prompt’ on the touch screen for example “time to watch TV”, a picture of the remote control, with arrows showing the correct buttons to press.


Banners can appear across the bottom of the touch screen at set times, for example…. Its July 18th, 2017, it's your son Matthew Birthday, video call him to wish him many happy returns, these banners can be pre-set to appear at predetermined times.


free assessment

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free assessment




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To see a full working demonstration of any of our GrandCare Packages in the comfort of your

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The Socialisation, Activity Monitoring and Wellness systems come complete

with a 2 year Guarantee & Support Package which includes:

Return to Base Guarantee

If anything goes wrong with your system over the next 2 years as a result of faulty manufacturing or software failure, we will replace it at no cost

Buddy Bar

The Buddy Bar service is provided by a dedicated knowledgeable team of GrandCare Technicians who are available to answer any query you may have about your GrandCare System, including advice on peripheral devices if either the System or any device has an operational problem. The Buddy Bar team can also give you advice on the best devices to accessories your system to give maximum benefits, or if you have any queries regarding system upgrades and much more.



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