Complete Independence

GrandCare Complete Independence

A total independence system incorporating all of our specialist packages in one
complete system. The Complete Independence System gives you total peace of mind
that your elderly loved one is cared for, protected and healthy of mind by utilising all three GrandCare packages together in one system tailored unique to your loved one's needs


GrandCare have made it easier than ever to keep in  contact with loved ones, from instant video calling from anywhere to instant messages that show on the screen.

The Grandcare Socialisation package adds to your loved one’s independence and enhances their day encouraging interaction and positivity. Now that you and your loved ones are only a few clicks away, you can stop worrying and calling everyday. Now you can simply video call and see them face to face.

Your loved one can also now email and video call with only a few clicks with our simple interface



GrandCare can keep track on the wellness of your loved one by using a wide variety of

devices such as Blood Pressure Cuffs, Weight Scales, Oximeters and many more


Activity Monitoring

GrandCare works with a range of small wireless sensors that can be triggered as a person moves around the house, opens a door or the lid on a medication dossett box. We also have smart switches, these can be used to trigger a lamp or detect when electricity has been used.
Within GrandCare we can setup “Rules”, below are examples of how “Rules” work with Sensors and Smart Switch’s to monitor and keep people safe.


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plus no obligation demonstration in your own home

To see a full working demonstration of any of our GrandCare Packages in the comfort of your

own home, please call our friendly customer services team who will be pleased to help you.

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The Complete Independence System comes complete with a *2 Year Advanced

Support Package which includes:

Advanced Swap Out Service

If you have any fault with your system, notify our Buddy Bar and they will upload your system profile onto a loan machine, add in the serial number of any sensors or telehealth devices you have and we will courier an advanced replacement to you (we aim to get the replacement machine to you within 24 hours but we guarantee within 72-hour due to public holidays)
The failed unit is collected at the same time as we deliver the replacement machine and delivered back to GrandCare to be repaired whilst maintaining the user’s existing content. Once the users unit is fixed it is delivered back to the user with all their data restored and the replacement machine picked up by the same delivery courier.

Buddy Bar

The Buddy Bar service is provided by a dedicated knowledgeable team of GrandCare Technicians who are available to answer any query you may have about your GrandCare System, including advice on peripheral devices if either the System or any device has an operational problem. The Buddy Bar team can also give you advice on the best devices to accessories your system to give maximum benefits, or if you have any queries regarding system upgrades and much more.



* Optional 3rd Year Extention of the Advanced Support Package can be purchased for £149.00

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