Activity Monitoring

GrandCare Activity Monitoring

GrandCare works with a range of small wireless sensors which can be triggered as a person moves around the house, opens a door or the medication cupboard. We also have smart switches, these can be used to trigger a lamp or detect when electricity has been used.
Within GrandCare we can setup “Rules”, below are examples of how “Rules” work with Sensors and Smart Switch’s to monitor and keep people safe.

NB. Activity Monitoring comes with a choice of any 2 sensors within the price.

Activity/Multi-sensor Sensor


If the parent goes to the bathroom between 11pm and 7am and has not returned to bed within 10 minutes an alert will be sent to the primary carer.


Using a directional motion sensor by the bedside, we setup a rule within GrandCare that states, if the motion detector is triggered between the hours of 11pm and 7am, from when motion is detected the system is counting down from 10 minutes, if motion is detected within 10 minutes the individual is ok, if not rule will send a pre-recorded message to the designated person.

Door Sensor:


Father walks the dog at 10.30pm for 20 minutes, if he has not returned by 11pm an alert would be

sent to the primary carer.


Using a door sensor, we setup a rule to state that if the door is opened after 10.30pm and has not been

reopened and closed by 11pm an alert would be sent to via text/voice call or email.


Smart Switch


Father wakes at 3am to go to the bathroom, by triggering the activity sensor this turns on the lamp via the smart switch, and turns it off when he returns to bed.


Between 11pm and 7am if the activity sensor is triggered, switch on lamp via smart switch, when activity is detected again switch lamp off.




If Mother's daily routine starts to go out of sync, for example between 11pm and 7am she starts wandering around, going downstairs, making drinks numerous time throughout the night, opening the fridge or opening the external door.


If excessive movement is detected over a period of three nights then an alert will be sent. This can also be backed up with, if the exterior door is opened between these times any night to alert the individual that

“its 3am go back to bed”, this would also send an alert to a family member.


The Activity Monitoring Package requires certain accessories which enable the system. Please click here to view our wide range of accessories.

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The Socialisation, Activity Monitoring and Wellness systems come complete

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