A wide range of accessories to harness
the full benefits of the GrandCare System

Wellness Package Accessories

Telehealth blood pressure monitors, are designed for the home user and can share data with the system by Bluetooth.


  • The Blood Pressure Monitor is connected to the GrandCare System.
  • Irregular Heartbeat indicator - LCD only.
  • Extra-large 3-line display for easier reading of results.
  • One-touch measurement.
  • Comfortable Slim Fit cuff

Blood Pressure Monitor

Ear Thermometer

This innovative medical device relies on on advanced infrared (IR) technology to measure temperature instantly. The ear thermometer is an elegantly designed infrared thermometer meant for your family.


The ear thermometer is intended for the intermittent measurement and monitoring of human body temperature from ear canal. The device is intended for use by people of all ages in the home. The thermometer measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and its surrounding tissue. The thermometer then converts it into a temperature value shown on LCD

Pulse Oximiter

Nonin’s Model 3230 is the first finger pulse oximeter with Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, which provides a simplified pairing for vital information exchange over a secure wireless connection.


Nonin Medical’s high-performing OEM pulse oximeters provide the solution for your  pulse rate spot-checking monitoring needs. With Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology, Nonin’s clinically proven accuracy provides peace of mind in knowing you are getting precise readings. Only Nonin has SmartPoint™ capture and send and CorrectCheck™ technologies to provide advanced information you can act on

Weight Scales 150kg (UC-351PBT-Ci)

The UC-351PBT-Ci offers more functionality than many

traditional scales


This scale measures your weight accurately within 2/10 of a pound and even recognizes small increases or decreases to your weight. It's ideal for those who are targeting weight loss and for athletics and diabetics who want to keep careful watch of their weight. In addition, the scale has step-on technology in which it automatically turns on and turns itself off for easy use.

Holding up to 330lbs (150kg), this low-profile scale can display your weight in either pounds or kilograms. It is also equipped with audible buzzers and visual indicators to let you know when to get on and off.

Weight Scales 200kg

The UC-355PBT-Ci Precision Health Scale has a 550lb capacity, supporting a large range of users.


This scale can display your weight in pounds or kilograms, allowing you to select whichever you are comfortable with. Additionally, the scale has a wider platform to support those with a wide base. It is also equipped with audible buzzers and visual indicators to let you know when to geton and off.

The profile is less than 2" tall even when the carpet tray (included) is utilized. You don't have to push any buttons to turn on this scale, with A&D's step-on technology. Just step on and let the scale guide you with on-screen prompts.

Activity Monitoring Package Accessories

No more large pieces of plastic on expensive doors.

Door / Window Sensor 6 is small, nearly invisible and paintable. Easily installed the door/window sensor is mounted onto the corner of a door or window using double sided tape. Its custom-made, inbuilt lithium ion battery allows it to have a perfectly small profile measuring only 9 mm.

Door / Window Detector

Multi sensors combine different sensors within one device and enable an extensive and inconspicuous monitoring of rooms and areas.

The detected environment values such as temperature, brightness or motion can be displayed
as single values in the Z-Wave control centre or can be used to trigger automatic actions.


The Smart Switch 6 is an intelligent adapter plug which can be switched by mobile remote control, wall switch, smartphone or through automation.

Thanks to Z-Wave the Smart Switch 6 is more than an ordinary socket. The Smart Switch 6 owns a superb energy monitoring which provides consumption data of the connected device in real-time to your Z-Wave control centre. This data can be stored also to present it in a history diagram later. Besides a colored LED ring at the Smart Switch shows the energy consumption of the connected device.

Smart Switch

With the new Z-Wave USB Stick allows your GrandCare system to change into a central controller of your detectors or smart switch. Thanks to the integrated battery, you can also include or exclude any devices in your Z-Wave network by pushing on the local button, when GrandCare is turned off.

Z-Wave Controller

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